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All of September: The Romance Review “Fall into Love” Party



From September 1-30, fall into love at The Romance Review with books, giveaways, author q&a, games, prizes, giftcards, and more.  I’m happy to be part of the fun and looking forward to checking out all of the participating authors. After all, I’m always on the prowl for more books!



Giveaway, August 25-29!

I’ve got a new guest post up over at Long and Short Reviews, about climbing Mt. Washington, sticking with things that are hard, and finding the inspiration for the indefatigable Casey Webb. The post is part of LASR’s 7th Anniversary Bash, and to celebrate they’re giving away all sorts of prizes, including $100 gift cards to Amazon and B&N. In addition, if you leave a comment on my guest post you’ll be automatically entered to win a free copy of ABOVE ALL.

Lots of authors have guest posts up on the site and are giving away prizes, so check it out!

Story + Sex = Yes

Very nice review of Above All over on Globug and Hootie Need a Book. What I love is how Amanda (“Hootie”) really got Above All and what the book is aiming for. She writes, “Above All sounded like a wonderful story about healing from a broken heart and finding something better along with the added bonus of some steamy romance to come. It was everything I had hoped but this wasn’t just your typical erotic romance.”

What’s not typical about it? Well, she goes on to explain that  “Above All is classified as erotica and from my experience with the genre it’s mostly sex, sex, sex and very little story. That wasn’t the case with Above All. There was a plethora of story with some hot sex mixed in and I love that in my books.”

Cue happy dance. Hootie points exactly to the kind of genre blurring I dig: in this case, an adult contemporary that’s also erotic. See, I really wanted to write a book that was story AND sizzle, that used the characters and their situation to add to the passion and chemistry they share so that the two pieces become inextricable. I didn’t want sex scenes with a thin story linking them together (yawn), but I also didn’t want a rich story with some sex thrown in—let’s not shortchange the good stuff! The two components had to work together, so that each component felt absolutely necessary. I’m really glad that Hootie loved Ben and Casey as much as I do. I’m also really glad that a story about one woman’s growing into herself can also be hot enough to be called “SEXellent!”

If you haven’t checked out Globug and Hootie’s reviews, it’s a great way to find that next book to read (as though you don’t have enough already on your list!). What do you think? When you’re in the mood for an erotic book do you just want sex, or do you like a story to draw you in?

Guest posts galore

I’ve been lucky enough to write a few guest posts for some very fine bloggers and wanted to share all the links in one place. So here goes!

“The Big Reveal” on All The Things Inbetween, about finally telling my mom I was writing romance.

“In Defense of Stupidity” on G.G. Andrew’s blog, about an … interesting … question I was asked, and our (perhaps unrealistic) expectations for romance heroes and heroines.

“Writing As Art, or why not to draw the perfect nose” on This post is particularly dear to me, remembering lessons from an artist who’s influenced me quite a lot.

Check back in for more updates soon!

Above All now available on Amazon

I’m very happy to report that ABOVE ALL is now available on It continues to be available for kindle, nook, ipad, and other ereaders from Ellora’s Cave. Happy reading, everyone!!